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The timeline of Ahoy is a rough estimate of the historical years that the game exists within.

Base Year

The base year in Ahoy is 1770.

The 'base year' represents a more precise date in which many aspects of gameplay are modeled around. This is useful when determining more exact data. For example, the ownership of Ports.

Base Decade

The base decade in Ahoy is 1770 - 1780.

The 'base decade' is used for a broader sense of approval on certain technologies, styles and cultures that are available within Ahoy. This broader ten year gap allows for a slightly wider variety of content.

Beyond the Base Times

Some content, though rare, might exceed the base year or decade. This content was introduced purely for game-play reasons, and therefore is anachronistic. The development team endeavors to represent this fact wherever possible, especially here on Ahoypedia.