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Nations are player and non-player representations of historical nations or factions that influence the political landscape of Ahoy.

Playable Nations

Playable Nations are nations which players can align themselves with through gradual Reputation gain, completing National Orders, and other non-direct means.

Non-playable Nations

Non-playable Nations exist within the world and are represented visually, often as a source of trade goods. Players can still gain and lose Reputation with Non-playable Nations, but players cannot currently pledge allegiance to them in the same was as Playable Nations.

Factional Nations

Factional Nations are a bastardisation of the Nations concept, but are a way to represent less formal nation states or collectives. These can also be influenced through Reputation adjustments, and often provide benefits to players who lean heavily towards one of these particular 'Nations'.


Piracy during the timeline of Ahoy was greatly reduced compared to that of previous decades, however some players may choose to associate themselves with Piracy. Pirates do not form as a Nation, but are a loose collective that acts in a similar way to a single Playable Nation.

This concept requires more expansion.