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The economy of Ahoy is the representation of trade, commerce, goods and resources between individuals, ports, and entire nations.


Currency in Ahoy is defined using a derivative of the historical Spanish currency used in the West Indies. The basic form of currency available in Ahoy is "Reale", which are individual eighths of a "Dollar" coin. Dollars are the highest denomination of silver coinage available before moving to the gold coins, "Escudo" and "Doubloon".

In Ahoy, currency is treated as numerical values. Your 'wallet' or 'inventory' stores a certain amount of currency, which is recorded in individual coins. Purchases and trade require exact coin exchange with the exception of Dollars. All other coins cannot be split or further broken down, but Dollars can be split into 8 Reale. In this way, it is expected that players should carry a variety of coins at all times to ensure they can purchase the required goods.

When a purchase is made using Dollars that results in a split, the remaining Reales are added to the count of Reales on your person. Doubloons, Escudo and Reale cannot be further broken down.

Purchase value can be reached through combining different coins. For example, if one wishes to purchase an item which costs 1 Doubloon, the purchase could be made up of 8 Reale, 1 Dollar, and 2 Escudo or any combination therein.



Other Names: "Real", "Reales", "Royal" or "An Eighth".

The Reale is a one-eighths piece of a Silver Dollar coin. Represented as such, in the game. It is the base unit of currency from which all other currencies are counted.

Reale can be traded for a complete Dollar through regular transactions, or by turning them in at a Mint. Mints are available at each of the National Capitals. Reales can be produced from a Dollar coin through transactions, the action of splitting the coin is not visually shown, but the totals within a player's inventory updates to reflect this change.


Dollar Icon.png

Other Names: "Piece of Eight", "Silver Dollar", "Spanish Dollar", "Dólar", or "Peso".

The Dollar is a complete Silver coin, forming a total of 8 Reale. The Dollar is the most common form of currency used for purchase and trade.

It is possible to break a Dollar into 8 Reale pieces. This happens automatically when using a Dollar for a purchase that is equal to less than it's value. The remaining Reale is added to the player's inventory automatically.



Other Names: "Spanish Escudo", or "Half Doubloon".

The Escudo is the first denomination minted in Gold. It's value is 16 Reale, or 2 Dollars. Often used for larger purchases.

It is possible to use 2 Escudo interchangeably with 1 Doubloon. They hold the same value, but are not the result of coin splitting like Dollars and Reales.



Other Names: "Double-Escudo", "Double", or "Spanish Doubloon".

The Doubloon is the highest denomination of currency in Ahoy. It's value is 32 Reale, or 4 Dollars. This is the currency most often used for only the largest purchases.